From hard to soft selling is done with words and images that show benefits. Words are the primary method of conveying the message about the benefits, but images can aid them tremendously.

On the internet images will enhance the sales message enormously. When writing sales copy I am also thinkg of images to improve the copy.

Positioning the images strategically is not only important for relevance, but also for two other reasons.

  1. Used initially to grab attention

  2. To create white space

Readers look at the whole of what they are seeing, to begin with, to decide if they want to continue or not. Staring at a page filled with nothing but lines of text is intimidating. This is not the messeage you want to put across.

On the other hand, a page of images mixed with the words and plenty of white space will engage your target audience.

Sea Breeze Resort Sales Letter    As you can see copywriting is not only about the words but the entire packeage. Take a look at this sales letter I wrote on spec. See how much the overall image effects you immedialtely

    Suddenly you're transported to a tropical paradise where sun and fun are the only things on the agenda. Forget the rat race and come to the Sea Breeze Beach Resort and all your cares will drift away on the trade winds.

    With the aid of the images the selling aspect is more than half done. All that's left is to close and that is done with the reservation number and the contact page.