Randy S. Hall

Randy S. Hall - Author

Freelance Copywriter

I am the team. I'm a professionally trained and experienced copywriter. For ten years I worked in the advertising department of a newspaper, writing copy for all sorts of local businesses. I learned my craft the old fashioned way, one painstaking step at a time. What that did was teach me discipline, as there were always deadlines. It taught me how to attract attention using words and images. Most importantly I learned to sell without sounding salesy. Let me put this asset to work for your book.
Randilea Publshing - Publsihing Done Your Way

  • Website Designer

    It is expected for an author to have a website as their home base. It is a place to showcase your work, yourself, and to gather your tribe.

    An author's website needs to be personalized to show the audience what they want to see, and that is the real you, the person behind the book. By revealing a little about yourself you will engage your audience and leave them clamouring for your books

  • Graphic Designer

    Your book cover is something that a lot of author's don't take the time to consider or to design for that matter. It is your first impression. It is what brings their attention to the book in the first place.

    I have an eye for mixing words with art to create an overall pleasing effect. Plus, when you add the blurb I write for the back cover your book will sell like hotcakes.

Denver Colorado