services Offered

  • Website Designer

    Website Designer

    I created this website and many others using both HTML and WordPress and both have their merrits. Wtih HTML you have a lot of versatility and with WordPress you have ease of use. Either can be responsive and good for SEO.  It's your website, you choose, andI will help you make it a reality.

  • A well designed website is a major piece of the puzzle that is called success. When someone visits your site they need to be immediately engaged, not confused. Therefor, your site needs to be attractive, inviting and easy to navigate.

  • Book Cover Creator

    Book Cover Creator

    I love to create fanciful bood covers. Covers that excite, attract attention and sell books. It is the cover that first gets the buyer interested, but it must speak to them and encourage them to read more and that's all you can expect. As an artists I have the advantage of creating images that speak to the prospective buyer.

  • A book's cover need to be special and well thought out. If it is, it will be a factor in the success of the book. The cover should easily identify the genre of the book and with images and the title this is accomplished.

  • Copywriting


    I have litterally spent thousands of hours copywriting for all kinds of businesses, working for ten years in the advertising department of a newspaper.. I also completed a copywriting course produced by AWAI.

  • As a trained copywriter I produce sales copy to sell. No matter what the product or service I'm trying to sell, even if that product is you the author. This is the first step in building an author platform as it will build your list of followers provided it is received by the target audience.

  • Copywriting


    Proofreading is a job that really is never done and completely thankless. I've read a reread my books many times and still find errors. I'm not alone, though. I see errors in printed books all the time and I'm sure I'll find errors in yours.

  • Part of putting together a book entails proofreading. It is also a tedious task that no one I know wants any part of, but it must be done. Let me take that burden off your shoulders. I'm sure we can work something out to fit your budget.

  • Copywriting


    Your book must be formatted before it can be published, but it is a mindless, boring, time consuming tasks that no one likes. For me formatting is broken down to a formula and that means I can get it done faster thatn most.

  • Another tedious task that I will gladly perform for you so you can get back to doing what you do best, WRITE! I will work with you to get your books inner pages formatted at a price you can easily afford. I'll even help you with the uploading process.

  • Marketing Consultant

    Marketing Consultant

    Marketing is a combination of branding and advertising. The two are senonomous with each other yet different. Branding is the result of all your efforts to get attention. Whenever you're exposed you want the message to be received well by those you are wishing to sell.

  • Advertising is either passive or active. Passive advertising reaches a general audience. Active advertising puts your message in front of your selected audience. Each of them have their place and should be used.

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